AlumVision is a subsidiary company of DESTRAL SA, now known and respected in the marketing of aluminum and iron for the last 25 years. It was founded by Dedousis Bros in 1990 and it is situated in wholly-owned premises in Oropos, Attica.

AlumVision solely trades in the construction of Aluminum frames and Metal structures.

The main objective of its activity was initially the trade of aluminum – iron and parts of those. As an expansion, it had the cutting and forming of iron sheet, the construction of frames and aluminum doors.

In the year 2000 and on account of a better service towards its clients, AlumVision launches its second branch in Liani Ammos Chalkida, Evia, which then in 2005 relocates in 2000m2 wholly-owned premises in Vasiliko Chalkida.

Today, AlumVision observing its customers’ needs and having the suitable infrastructures, has already begun a third branch in Chalkoutsi Oropos, with a wide variety of coloring-ironmongery, hand tools, gardening devices, insulating and dry construction materials, photovoltaic systems etc.

Thus, covering every need of new constructions in the field of structures using materials of high quality from Greek and foreign companies such as SAINTGOBAIN – RIGIPS, MAKITA, DOMUS, SYNTILOR, MAXMEYER, NOBEL, BIBEΧΡΩΜ, SIKA, UNIMAC, GIESSE, BENJAMIN MOORE.

Taking into consideration its direct and immediate service and the respect towards the client, AlumVsion is increasing the number of collaborations, always facing the future.