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The wide variety of products of AlumVision are the architectural aluminum systems, for all architectural applications, such as doors, windows, facades (curtain walls), patio, office partitions etc. constructed with the view to the final user and covering their needs in every application, desire and choice.

The aluminum systems of AlumVision stand out for their building adequacy, their modern design, their sturdiness in usage, while being highly aesthetical and functional. Also, the compatibility which is appeared in various systems boosts the capability of combining user’s choices.

The emphasis is put into issues of ensuring the quality of the final products, as well as the certification of these and their producing procedures, based on specifications of international recognized organizations.

The aluminum systems of AlumVision are life options, without a substantive maintenance cost, whereas in the case of changing the frames these are fully recycled, taking an active role in the protection of the environment.


Here you can find insulating materials of any type, anti-moldy, silicones, ironware, industrial items, construction materials, plaster, marble-tile cleansers, abrasive devices, and also marble crystallization materials, safety footwear, protective glasses, gloves, masks, hand tools, gardening tools, water filters, and everything else you need the moment you need it. Even for the most demanding.


The energy study of functionality of each photovoltaic system as well as its implementation study is credibly provided.

In parallel, we provide to our customers the best solution for every energy need, not only during the phase of designing an energy-photovoltaic work but also supporting it after its completion.


Taking into account the quick service and the respect towards a customer, AlumVision is increasing its number of profitable collaborations, always looking to the future.



Which Frame Type suits my Needs?

The need for natural light, thermal insulation, sound reduction, security, space conservation and of course the cost are the factors which should be examined by the potential consumer, so as to be in a position to choose the best possible solution for their property. The selection of frames must be done in the initial stage of designing the building and should correspond with the specificities, the external climate conditions that prevail in the area and the type of construction. Attention must be taken in the proper choice of the system, depending the opening of the frame. For instance, a “light” system has more restrictions in terms of the opening that can be installed than a “heavy” system that may consist more application solutions.


Opening Frames

They offer effective insulation, better security, available in various types and patterns and can accept glass, window screen and shutter or exterior roller shutter. They offer the total sliding, but need operation space inside the installed area. Nowadays, opening frames constitute the best choice of the majority of the market and are installed mainly in detached houses, cottages and other special buildings. Also they are installed as replacements of old wooden frames. There are plain and thermal insulated lines. Financially speaking, they are more expensive than sliding ones, they have many accessories and mechanisms and cover every special need…


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The last 25 years AlumVision is close to professional users with aluminum and iron profile lines as well as parts in the lowest prices and with instant delivery. Now it is close to private individuals offering the best national and international materials for any purpose, renovation, repair, insulation, color, style, wallpaper, heating, garden organization.

Satisfying every customer is the goal of our company. In our branches there is the possibility of ordering any product and having it delivered within 2 or 3 days. Also, home delivery of all heavy materials can be accomplished through our company’s means without extra charge.

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